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Thellio tracks, monitors health and productivity, and allows efficiency optimizations of your connected products, machines, or even connected spaces.

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Use cases

Thellio has numerous use cases, from predictive maintenance to saving time and money through increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.

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IoT built for many business verticals.


Control your devices remotely. See where your devices are located and where they have been. Get a living inventory of all your devices.


Modernize your spaces by making them connected. Monitor temperature, moisture and the number of visitors among other things.


A custom IoT multi-tenant platform, powered by our IoT application core.

Modules that support your business.

AI & Machine Learning

Detect deviations based on sensor data. Classify and confirm deviations. 

Device Control

Configure your device remotely, allow your customers to do the same.


Set up geofence rules making you aware when the device leaves a specified area, allowing actions to be taken.

Health Check

Monitor your devices health. If they are running, for how long and how often.


See where your devices are located and where the devices have been. Both indoors and outdoors.


Plan your device’s maintenance, send a reminder and keep a log of previously performed maintenance.


Analyse the data using graphs and powerful filtering and selection tools.

Setup & Administration

Manage your users & organization from a central place. Guided step-by-step onboarding.

Preventive Maintenance

Configure warnings and alarms when devices report values indicating lowered health and recommend action to the recipient


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Direct Connect

Perform device updates over-the-air. Establish a live connection to your devices.


Get a living inventory of all your devices, their health and productivity in one place.



Configure periodic reports on a selection of devices, delivered to your email. Containing the latest performance and health data.


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